A sneak peek at secrets of smart manufacturing

Oct. 16, 2018
Insights from an expert.

Tomorrow’s webinar features inside secrets of smart manufacturing. (You can register for it here.) Today

Corning's Daniel Ricketts

we asked one of the expert presenters, Corning development associate, technology & engineering Daniel Ricketts, to preview his presentation. Take a look…

Smart Industry: What’s one secret of smart manufacturing?

Daniel: It’s a collaborative effort. It’s not just one group or one function. You have to partner the IT and OT and process teams to achieve success.

Smart Industry: How can a manufacturer leverage an ecosystem of advanced analytics solutions to help them solve tough manufacturing problems?

Daniel: It starts with having data collected in the right context. The critical piece is the data available to analytics engines or people.

Smart Industry: You are focused on achieving advantaged and transferable outcomes. Explain. 

Daniel: It means looking beyond data-analytics solutions as one-off projects. People are trying to solve specific problems—so how do you take that solution and make it a part of manufacturing plant. You can leverage that in an ongoing basis, as opposed to troubleshooting when something comes up.

Connect with Daniel and experts from webinar-sponsor OSIsoft and the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute during tomorrow’s webinar. Register here. And have you questions ready!