OnScale's Project BreathEasy features digital twins of lungs

April 15, 2020
Goal is to improve COVID-19 patient's outcomes.

OnScale announced Project BreathEasy, a consortium of multi-physics FEA/CFD vendors, medical-device manufacturers, engineers, and doctors from around the world who are developing digital twins of the lungs of COVID-19 patients to help doctors improve outcomes and optimize use of limited ventilator resources in major outbreak areas.

OnScale and LEXMA, a provider of advanced fluid-flow and biomechanical-simulation technology, have partnered to create patient-specific digital twins that may accurately predict oxygen and blood flow in a patient’s lungs, helping doctors make critical decisions about ventilator and intubation requirements for them.

Each digital twin is patient-specific and built from a combination of medical images (for example from CT scans and X-rays) and thousands of simulations of lung airflow and blood flow using the LEXMA Moebius fluid-dynamics solver running on OnScale’s Cloud Simulation platform. Digital twins are updated with real-time patient data. AI trained on simulated and measured patient data is used to make fast and accurate predictions of oxygen and blood flow throughout the ventilation and intubation process.