Podcast: Are apprenticeships worth the hassle?

May 13, 2020
It's the latest Manufacturing Tomorrow's Workforce podcast.

In the latest Manufacturing Tomorrow's Workforce podcast, Putman Media intern Alexandra Ditoro chat with Melody Whitten, director of development for 58 Inc., a part of Shelby County Alabama's Economic Development Committee. The two discuss how its apprenticeship programs enable manufacturers to develop talent pipelines and tap into the best of the emerging pool of talent. 

Alexandra: What are the benefits of apprenticeships to both manufacturers and students? 

Melody: Well, the benefit for the company is normally it produces highly trained employees. It creates a pipeline for skilled employees; if you add maybe one a year or one every two years, then as you have people retiring out of those positions in your plant, you have apprentices that are coming up through the program and gaining more skills.

For the apprentice, it provides them, of course, a career pathway. 

Find the full transcript of the interview here.