Four weeks to the IIoT

Nov. 25, 2019
"We can debunk the myth that it takes so long to implement the IIoT."

This fall, Altizon unveiled its Four Week IIoT Challenge, a program to highlight the speed with which anyone can reap results from IIoT projects.

That’s a lofty promise, but it highlights the fact that, while digital transformation can seem daunting to those just getting started, quick wins are achievable.

Altizon's Vinay Nathan

“The implementation of IIoT into an organization doesn’t have to be a lengthy or complicated process to deliver business results,” said Vinay Nathan, CEO of Altizon. “We are confident—and have proven—that manufacturers can realize measurable business results from IIoT within four weeks. Using our platform, our customers can expect improvements of 15% in OEE and 3% in process quality, as well as a 5% reduction in overall energy and consumables in those initial weeks.” 

We chatted with Vinay to learn more.

Smart Industry: Describe the Four Week IIoT Challenge.

Vinay: People know the value of IIoT, but they don’t know where to start. We will run two or three pilots to find which has the best ROI, then scale that up. There is enough out there now to properly measure ways to get to business value sooner. There is a need in the market to get to value quickly.

The customer can pick any line of their choice. We can find a way to get a footprint created within a four-week period and give you a path toward ROI. This is not a huge thing over months. Pick a line and see where we stand at four weeks.

Smart Industry: What can be delivered in four weeks?

Vinay: We look at how we are going to drive business value. At the end of four weeks we sit down and provide perspectives that are relevant to them.

Smart Industry: What are the most common insights?

Vinay: We look at overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). For example, we might discover that a certain set of machines has so many hours lost due to the unavailability of a raw material. That affects downtime. Once availability of that raw material goes up, productivity goes up. People are often so focused on their daily work they don’t have the bandwidth to look at these things. This is low-hanging fruit—very effective for us.

Smart Industry: What most excites you about this program?

Vinay: What is exciting for me is being productive with a lot of these elements. In four weeks have something concrete. Then we can have subsequent monthly sessions with the business-value team.

From the customer perspective, they are excited to do things faster. We can debunk the myth that it takes so long to implement the IIoT.

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