The Cisco Connected Factory: Powering a Renaissance in Manufacturing

Aug. 24, 2015

To get ahead, modern manufacturers are adopting new plant architectures that enable a portfolio of enhanced and new capabilities. These include plant network topologies that converge factory-based operational technologies (OT) with global IT networks, increasing visibility and intelligence within operations and across the global supply chain. This is what we call the connected factory.

Advantages include:

  • Production Flexibility. Factories retool quickly to meet demand and cut down on costly downtime (Fact: more flexible factories can reduce inventory cost by 50%.)
  • Global Visibility. Executives and operators respond intelligently and instantly to changing conditions on the plant floor — and in the marketplace — to increase efficiency and save money. (Fact: manufacturers lose 5% of production and 33% of profits per year from downtime.)
  • Defense-in-Depth Security. Companies effectively protect against growing cyber-threats (Fact: Cyber attacks against manufacturers have increased 32% in the last 6 months.)
  • And more.

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