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INSIGHT Webinar Preview: Advice for avoiding dumb data

Oct. 7, 2022
A quick fix to working more intelligently with data? Humans.

On October 14 we connect with Andrew Hopkins, president of PrivacyChain, for the INSIGHT webinar “Don’t Do Dumb Data…Smart New Approaches To Data Analytics.” 

Today we preview that presentation with a chat about the intelligence level of data, getting industrial information to interact dynamically, and quick fixes for working smarter. Take a look… 

Smart Industry: What is dumb data? Why does it still exist with all of our smart ways of working?  

Andrew: The basic approach to data management is that data is “dumb,” which means that is has no self-awareness. Awareness that allows data to be organized, cleaned, found and analyzed has to be built into the infrastructure, the platforms and the processes that are used to store and manage data. Similarly, security and control is built around the data and not into the data itself. Even metadata is typically stored separately from the data itself. 

Smart Industry: How do data records interact "dynamically"? Why is this beneficial? 

Andrew: The idea of smart data or self-awareness in data is that each record knows enough about itself that it can be found and can react and interact with data records without requiring a predetermined structure. A record can be found directly with pre-defined relationships and hierarchies. Smart data also assumes distributed data that is stored, secured and accessible where it can support new distributed applications. 

Smart Industry: What's a quick fix to working more intelligently with data? 

Andrew: Humans. Take the example of a manufacturing plant that is starting to collect its data. While it may be true that deep analysis may provide new insights, employees know what they need to know in order to be more efficient. We must leverage and incorporate existing knowledge and experience in order to provide employees with what they need quickly and in a way that they can use it. 

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