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INSIGHT Preview: A chat about communication in the industrial setting

Oct. 18, 2022
"On the surface, designing and building a cloud-based industrial-monitoring solution might seem simple."

On November 18 we connect with u-blox’s Patty Felts for the Smart Industry webinar “How To Streamline Communications & Generate Quick Wins With Your Cloud-Based Industrial-Monitoring Strategy.” Today we preview that presentation with a chat about the challenges of communication in the modern industrial setting and how cloud-based monitoring can help. Take a look… 

Smart Industry: Why is communication a challenge with some cloud-based industrial-monitoring strategies? How can this challenge be overcome? 

Patty: On the surface, designing and building a cloud-based industrial-monitoring solution might seem simple. You have some IoT devices, the data they collect, a network, and a cloud platform to receive and process that data. But when you look at the detail of implementing all these elements, it’s not so simple after all. Before launching your project, there are important questions to address. What connectivity should you use? Which network? How will it scale? Is it secure? What about power consumption and data efficiency? What interface will you use to get data to the enterprise? What will all this cost? Finding the answers is crucial to any IoT project's success. 

In this webinar, we examine the hidden complexities of communicating between the IoT device and the enterprise and explain how communication is so much more than just connectivity. We then demonstrate that challenges such as security, efficiency and availability can be overcome by solutions based on the MQTT protocol.

Smart Industry: What's the trick to rapidly generating wins with a cloud-based monitoring program? What is low-hanging fruit? 

Patty: As mentioned above, one of the key challenges with cloud-based IoT industrial-monitoring projects is getting data from the IoT device to the cloud-based management platform. In many cases, designers and engineers don’t have the luxury, or even the expertise, of developing a costly or time-consuming network-infrastructure implementation. On the contrary, you need a rapid implementation to quickly show that operational improvements are possible. You need design partners with proficiency in connecting to the cloud via cellular networks.

When designing your solution, you want simple connectivity that can work globally, with minimal setup, that is easy to install. That’s the low hanging fruit.

Smart Industry: What feature of cloud-based monitoring most excites you? 

Patty: The goal of our IoT communication-as-a-service offerings is to simplify your cloud-based IoT industrial-monitoring project, from the cost of ownership to the entire data journey between the IoT device and the provide you with a comprehensive, secure, scalable, end-to-end solution with predictable costs, helping you solve the device-to-enterprise data challenge.

The most exciting benefit is that this solution then enables rapid and tangible business improvements, sparking a digital transformation in industrial monitoring applications. This approach offers a variety of benefits, including real-time visibility to key performance metrics, improved operational performance, increased asset utilization, reduction in operating expenses, reduction in waste or inefficiency, and improved environments.

Want more with Patty? Click here to register to join us on November 18. 

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