"Set it and forget it" with automation systems?

March 21, 2018
Strategic, collaborative approach is key to maintaining automation systems.

By Christine LaFave Grace, managing editor

Who’s monitoring the monitors at your plant?

That is to say, with the push to implement new technologies that will help monitor equipment performance and run all of the data that they collect through software that aims to provide early notice of potential performance problems, how do you ensure that said technologies are operating optimally? Better-informed, faster, smarter decision-making depends on access to accurate data, and neglecting maintenance of the tools your plant depends on to deliver that data will undermine any digital initiative, however modest or ambitious it is.

Keeping that reality in mind, Plant Services spoke with a range of industry experts in system integration, utility operations, digital services, and more about best practices for maintaining automation systems. Here are their dos and don’ts for monitoring your monitors.

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