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Flutura & JAG Group join forces

Jul 10, 2017

Flutura, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) start-up focused on impacting outcomes in the energy, manufacturing and engineering industries, announced it is partnering with the Jerry Allen Group (JAG Resources). The partnership will focus on utilizing Flutura's Cerebra IIoT fluturaplatform, which allows advanced diagnostic algorithms for equipment health episode detection and provides OEMs the ability to scale value-added offerings across varied equipment classes.

logo main e1484804367150"The next generation of competitive advantage in the energy marketplace will go to forward thinking players who invest a lot on digital IoT and artificial intelligence capabilities like Cerebra from Flutura," said Archie W. Dunham, JAG advisor, chairman emeritus. "For upstream, midstream, downstream and the machinery manufacturers the risk of digital inaction is greater than the risk of digital failure. IoT & AI are the future and it is coming."

"In the energy industry, we have seen a lot of innovations that gave American companies superior competitive advantage over others. AI capabilities will define the next frontiers in innovation," said Jerry Allen, chairman of JAG Resources LLC and designated Chairman of the Flutura-JAG partnership. "We evaluated various solutions in the market and found Flutura's Cerebra unique in that it is far more advanced than other providers in this space. The next-generation functional features, rapid implementation approach and the 'scale-as-you-go' pricing model are game changers in today's world of reduced barrel prices."