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Advantech WISE-PaaS Marketplace enables IoT edge intelligence

Mar 21, 2017

Advantech today announced that it is collaborating with ARM, Microsoft, Intel Security and Acronis on a new sharing platform–WISE-PaaS Marketplace–to be unveiled at Embedded World 2017. It creates a new business model that enables P1170048customers to create diverse IoT software/cloud solutions easily and quickly within a collaborative software ecosystem for business growth and service innovation.

Advantech further announced its new-generation Intel-based IoT platform Edge Intelligence Server (EIS), featuring integrated hardware plus WISE-PaaS software to enable IoT connectivity, data manageability, and analytics in the edge. Through the WISE-Paas Marketplace and EIS, Advantech and its partners not only accelerate IoT implementation, but also benefit customers in multiple industrial vertical markets, according to the companies.

“Advantech has always been committed to upholding the spirit of ‘partnering for smart city and IoT solutions’," said Allan.Yang, CTO, Advantech. "Collaborating with software partners, the WISE-PaaS ecosystem provides a flexible and expandable architecture that facilitates the seamless integration of diverse cloud services, software solutions, and solution-ready packages (SRP API), all offered at the WISE-Paas Marketplace. Customers can choose from a variety of software solutions, purchase a standard suite for creating unique solutions, or combine standard and purpose-built packages to enable IoT edge intelligence and customize an IoT solution according to their specific requirements and usage conditions. We strongly believe that this new service innovation not only completes Advantech’s IoT offering, but also offers a leading advantage to Advantech’s customers in multiple industrial vertical markets.”

“End-to-end security from chip-to-cloud services on constrained devices is the ultimate enabler for IoT applications to achieve scale," said Dr. Krisztian Flautner, vice president of technology, IoT business, ARM. "The Advantech WISE-PaaS cloud takes advantage of strong security and device management across ARM mbed OS and mbed Cloud for constrained devices. This Marketplace provides quick access for developers to the widest range of secure IoT clients based on the ARM architecture for applications."

“Advantech's latest advancements are a natural extension of an ongoing collaboration with Microsoft,” added Rodney Clark, vice president, device sales. “As they build their next-generation products and services, customers continue to benefit from the scale and reliability of Microsoft Azure remote monitoring and predictive maintenance pre-configured solutions available from the WISE-Paas Marketplace."

“Intel Security’s embedded solutions provide intelligent security functions which gives added protection to Intel-based devices and data,” said Tom Moore, vice president, Intel Security. “The WISE-PaaS/Security Solution, powered by Intel Security technology, offers a centralized IoT security management console on Azure, which can easily accommodate diverse vertical applications and use case scenarios.”

Finally, said Sergiusz Wiza, Acronis Vice President OEM EMEA, "Digital data is one of the most valuable assets and we feel it’s important to provide clients with the most comprehensive data protection. To efficiently reduce time and costs for system integrators and end users, Acronis backup and recovery solutions can restore systems to their factory settings on site. Acronis is pleased to collaborate and work closely with Advantech by providing complete data security solutions at WISE-Paas Marketplace.”