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IoT Day: 24 hours of Industrial Internet Tweets

April 7, 2015

IoT Day is Thursday, April 9, and you can join in the chatter on the IIC 24-hr Twitter Conversation, where we will be sharing thoughts on a broad span of IIoT-related questions. Go to #IIC24.

If having a dedicated day can be considered an indicator of reaching some level of importance, the Internet of Things is officially there. Where ever there is. IoT Day is this Thursday, April 9, and if you know where to look, buzz abounds.

According to the IoT Day website, the event was “Initiated in 2011 by IoT Council and Postscapes” and has grown in scale and scope since then to match the growing interest in the subject. 

The call to action for the day is refreshingly simple. People are encouraged to “participate in an event, host a hackathon, or just share a beer/coffee with a friend or fellow collaborator focused around the IoT and its implications.” Anyone can create an IoT Day event—from industrial designers to novices—and the site reports that last year there were events in 18 countries.

This year, there are events planned in locations as far flung as Singapore, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Vienna, and Washington DC. Clever names include “IOT MAD” for the meet-up in Madrid and “Hack-a-thing” scheduled in Medellin, Columbia. You can see the full list on the 2015 IoT Day Events page.

Here at Smart Industry, we will be participating in a 24-hr Twitter Conversation on the Industrial Internet organized by the folks at the Industrial Internet Consortium. The 24 hours are UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) – running from 1:00 am UTC Thursday to 12:00 am UTC on Friday (for those of us in the US who go by Eastern Time, that would be 9:00 pm ET Wednesday to 8:00 pm ET Thursday). Questions will be posted hourly, and will run the gamut from security concerns to the role of government and what IIoT adoption will look like over the next 2-3 years.

Join in the conversation by checking out the activity on #IIC24 and share your thoughts on the growth and advancement of the Internet of Things in general and the Industrial Internet in particular. You can also follow activities for IoT Day at #IoTDay

See more info and sample questions at http://iotday.org/event/iot-day-tweetchat/.