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It Takes a Team To Win at IoT: Come practice at a "pre-game" workshop

Aug. 18, 2015

Scoring a touchdown requires a game plan, good teamwork and flexibility. Deploying an IoT project is no different. Learn what you need to do to succeed with this new manufacturing technology.

Scoring a touchdown requires a game plan, good teamwork and flexibility. Deploying an IoT project is no different. You’ll need to assemble a team with the right tools and skills to work well together and get you across the goal line – with the fewest fumbles.  

How a goal is scored will be different for each firm and project. But once your goal is defined, you’ll need to assemble a team that brings the specific skills needed to work together and get the job done.

How you go about building your team, defining and communicating the “plays” necessary and “quarterbacking” them will in turn effect how smoothly your installation is deployed.

Most successful IoT game plans will require team players to handle:

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    1. Input – You will need players who can enable existing and new devices to gather and transmit information. Remember to consider from the onset how mobile apps will be incorporated into your solution.
    2. Connectivity – Based on the device’s location and environment, your team will need to identify the best connectivity option. Consider how you will factor in costs, security and bandwidth requirements.
    3. Analysis – How will you make sense of the deluge of data that you’re collecting in a timely manner? Make sure to discuss how you will incorporate data from other sources into your analysis.
    4. Action – Your entire team will need to determine together when you are ready to take action and put your plan into play. Use the insights gained during previous stages to integrate the planned actions with your existing corporate systems.
    5. Rollout – How do you implement the system without disrupting your existing operations? Consider how you will adapt your current business operations to take advantage of your new connected product strategy. 

Deploying an industrial IoT (IIoT) system must be planned particularly carefully since it may involve a range of legacy products, PLCs and working in a signal interference-rich environment.

Smart Industry is offering three pre-conference workshops that will each provide three-hours of deep-dive information on specific topics. The “Build and Connect Your First IIoT Device” workshop will show you how to assemble an all-star team, build a game plan and work through a mock IoT project. Experts from Cisco, QUALCOMM, Xively, Splunk and Salesforce will be at the workshop to provide their insights into the requirements and decision-making needed for each stage of the implementation process.

You will leave this workshop with a much better appreciation of what you need to successfully tackle your own IoT project, from kick-off to touch down!

Deepak Puri manages Strategic Alliances at Xively / LogMeIn. He has over 15 years in executive roles at Netscape, Oracle and most recently VMware. At Xively, his team is responsible for working closely with IoT ecosystem partners (including chip vendors, connectivity providers, ERP, CRM and data analytic vendors) to provide comprehensive solutions.