Top 10 Blogs: M2M, Industry 4.0, IIC RA, OT/IT and Beyond

Sept. 21, 2015

What do SCADA, smart tools, cyber security and sensors have in common? They're what people are talking about when it comes to smart manufacturing and the Industrial Internet.

The most popular blogs on Smart Industry Connect cover an impressive breadth of topics and provide information on SCADA, smart tools, cyber security, smart sensors, and more. Be sure you don’t miss what’s hot in the already-hot topic of IIoT: Check out our list of the most read blogs on our website to date.

1. How Does the Industrial Internet Differ from M2M and SCADA?
by Steve Jennis 
M2M (machine to machine) and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) are relatively narrow, tactical applications compared to the potential of the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).

2. Smart Tools will Drive Efficiency in the Factory of the Future
by Alan Earls
Software will be a key driver in much of the progress gained from Industrial Internet of Things, as National Instruments' is demonstrating on the Airbus factory floor. 

3. Which Nations Have the Best Cyber Security Efforts?
by Mike Bacidore 
A panel of nine IoT experts discuss government policing and network connectivity.

4. Smart Sensors Are About to Transform the Industrial Sector
by Ron Miller
The trouble with industry sensors until fairly recently is they didn't provide much information beyond whether something was working or it wasn't. The Industrial Internet of Things is about to change with an explosion of smart sensors.

5. Beyond M2M to Enterprise IoT
by Steve Jennis 
New IIoT software platforms are needed to connect and leverage applications running on edge-devices, gateways, enterprise servers, cloud services and mobiles to maximize the business value-add of Enterprise IoT.

6. Industrial Internet Consortium Releases Reference Architecture…a Key Step Forward
by Alan Earls 
At least some of the people who care a lot about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and its future may not see the significance of the recent release of the IIC’s Industrial Internet Reference Architecture. For those folks, let me provide some, well, reference. 

7. From Germany to the World: Industry 4.0
by Alan Earls 
The number of names used to describe what companies in the U.S. call the Industrial Internet and the German government calls Industry 4.0 may be a measure of the importance and potential of this new wave of technology.

8. Internet of Things Takes Center Stage at Mobile World Congress
by Ron Miller 
Vendors at Mobile World Congress see sensors as another form of mobile device, whether it's built into your car, your phone, a retail display or a piece of industrial machinery.

9. Messaging Competition: The best communication platform for the Industrial Internet of Things
PrismTech compares a subset of promising messaging technologies to determine which platform will best unleash the potential of the Industrial Internet.

10. How Will the Enterprise/Industrial IoT Add Value Over Traditional OT and IT Systems?
by Steve Jennis 
Higher-level insights, cross-domain integration and global-scale data access via the IIoT can enhance tactical OT and IT systems to provide new revenue opportunities, lower costs and additional environmental benefits.