Digital transformation in the news

April 13, 2016

GE forecasts a trillion-dollar business in the Industrial IoT; a portrait of smart city life in Dubai; and the integration of connected technology into our bodies.

Your weekly roundup of newsworthy reading on the Industrial IoT, Industry 4.0 and digital transformation:

  • Beyond buzzword: “For companies working to bring IoT from buzzword to booming business, the market potential is huge,” writes Ben Rossi in Information Age. “General Electric, a pioneer in the Industrial Internet, forecasts that the IoT market will generate $10 trillion over the next two decades.” Find the full piece here.
  • Digitizing industry as competitive edge: “To keep up to the global competitiveness, the [European Union] industrial sectors, e.g. transport, services, farming, manufacturing, etc. shall use more actively modern digital technologies,” writes Eugene Eteris in The Baltic Course. Find the full piece here.
  • Industry 4.0: “[Industry 4.0] isn't a new technology,” writes Jamie Hinks in TechRadar. “Nor is it a business discipline. It is in fact a new approach to achieve results that weren't possible 10 years ago.” Find the full piece here.
  • Integrating Data Seamlessly in Dubai: Archana Menonwrites about the importance of seamless data-integration in her post on the evolving smart elements of life in Dubai. Find the full piece here.
  • Internal Internet of Things: “The holy grail of the industry is to put [augmented reality] into the smallest, most discrete wearable you can find,” reads the EP Global Communications, Inc. news release heralding how their smart contact lens technology is attracting interest. “Many industry leading CEO's estimate that most of what you can do with your smartphone today will be integrated into or onto your body in the future. Data display and electronic vision enhancement is going to be a major part of peoples' lives going into the future.” Find the full piece here