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The Smart Industry Conference Retrospective

Feb. 6, 2018

The tools, trends and technologies at play in our annual event. 

In the final presentation of the 2017 Smart Industry conference, where hundreds of professionals from across

Smart Industry's Tony D'Avino

industry gathered in Chicago to celebrate the spectrum of digital transformation in the industrial space, Glen Allmendinger issued a challenge to attendees. During his speech, the president and founder of Harbor Research implored the room to transform their approach to information technology and reimagine ways in which their machines, data, personnel and systems interact.

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It was a bold call to action from Allmendinger, but the hundreds in the room had just experienced three days of deep dives into this world—dozens of breakout sessions and keynote presentations exploring these topics, complemented by tours of facilities leading the charge into Industry 4.0 and networking with fellow-thought leaders, early adopters and some just dipping their toes into smart manufacturing.

Allmendinger admitted that the roadmap to success has not yet been defined. “But it’s still early in the game,” he stressed to a room full of digital-transformation players intent on winning.

As we build the agenda for the 2018 Smart Industry Conference (we just announced keynote presenters today!), take a look back at the 2017 Smart Industry Conference to get an understanding of the tools, trends and technologies at play in our annual event. 

Tony D'Avino, Smart Industry publisher

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