Webinar Preview: IoT-enabled asset tracking & your supply chain

Feb. 22, 2019
Do you know where your assets are?

Next week, representatives from Sierra Wireless share their expertise during the webinar “Use IoT-Enabled Asset Tracking To Drive Your Supply Chain Transformation.” Today Cyril Hullin, VP Product Strategy, IoT Solutions with Sierra Wireless previews the presentation. Take a look…

Smart Industry: What are costly mistakes people make in deploying IoT solutions?

Cyril: There are many…Failing to anticipate the cost of lack-of-quality,  down-time and HW-deployment consequences, coverage issues, devices not meeting expectations, etc. It ranges from the services provided to the end customers/users. Underestimating the end-to-end security requirements to reach remote devices to avoid fraud or hacking risks. And some customers do not have clear and quantified expectations of IoT deployments: ROI (and proper understanding of use cases), savings generated, customer satisfaction, etc. A lack of awareness/education on mobile IoT constraints and opportunities is also a common mistake in this process. Cellular connectivity enables great flexibility and a set of options, but requires some knowledge and the right partner ecosystem. Accompanying hardware is also critical as an enabler but often it’s optimized for a different use case. Regional or global deployments require way more anticipation and expertise than deploying in a single country.