Podcast: Tips for getting buy-in to digital transformation

July 23, 2020
A chat with Emerge Interactive's Jonathon Hensley.

So, you know, there's a lot that can be discussed around digital transformation, but especially now with the coronavirus pandemic, more manufacturers, we've heard, are considering that they may need to have some remote technology more available, and socially distant operations. I'm curious how digital transformation will impact the workforce. Seems to me that in the challenging times we're in, it's a benefit, but are there other benefits, besides remote work, that people maybe are looking past right now?

Jonathon: Yeah, there's a couple of key areas that we hear people really exploring right now across all industries, but especially in manufacturing. You know, one is how do we leverage technology to empower our employees. So, really thinking about the employee experience, how we think about not just people that might need to work remotely but how do we think about bringing those key people back into our facilities in a safe way, and really how do we support them in knowing that not only do they have a safe work environment but they can trust and interact with facilities, the equipment, the people, the processes, and systems that they need to effectively with all of the change that's taking place.

The other big area is how do you engage your customers in this space. A lot of organizations are used to working with modern-day technologies, and teleconferencing, and so forth, but the ability to demo, or get on-site, or changing the way that we interact and engage with our clientele... Maybe you've been selling through some sort of reseller or distribution and partner network versus going direct. How do you start to bridge some of that collaboration that might have to take place in developing solutions with your customers or potentially in achieving support in the overall manufacturing supply chain with the customer and what kind of transparency and engagement do you want to look at.

And then, the other big one that we see a lot right now is really transforming the very products and things that they offer. So, this might be embedded technologies, extensions of Internet of Things, using mobile applications to add more value to existing products or services. This can also encompass things like providing more self-service. How do we deliver solutions to our clients and then support themselves by providing better information, better interaction, and engagement?

And these things all fundamentally impact the business model of an organization, and I think are really important considerations, not just during the time of a pandemic but especially as an organization looks at change and modernization for long-term relevance.

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