Podcast: How FANUC developed a CNC training program for US schools

Sept. 17, 2020
An interview Dean Steadman, CNC Education program manager for FANUC.

Dean Steadman, CNC Education program manager for FANUC, joins Amanda Del Buono and Thomas Wilk, editor in chief of Putman Media’s Plant Services magazine, to share how the company built its training program to help manufacturers throughout the United States find the trained CNC machinists they need.

"Really what we want students to take away from it is an understanding of programming and operation of CNC machines to gain more knowledge in the manufacturing process, to really dispel the myth that manufacturing isn't a great industry to be in, because it's complete opposite these days where the industry is very high tech," says Dean during the podcast. "It's very fast moving, it's actually very cool. But the students don't really realize that, I don't think, going into it. Most of the time when we talk to students about what they know about manufacturing, they learn this from like a history class or something and their image is of that early 1900s Ford assembly line where everything's the three Ds: the dirty, dark and dangerous industry. Whereas the reality is it's much cooler, it's high tech and this high value equipment being used.

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