A new agenda item for enterprise executives: Enterprise IoT (Part 1 of 3)

July 2, 2015

Successful Enterprise IoT implementations are not just the result of technology innovation, but also the intelligently coordinated innovation of products, services, and business models. By integrating new data streams from connected devices with workflows, legacy systems and new technologies, Enterprise IoT implementations ultimately help build and redefine a business’ customer and partner relationships. 

In this three-part White Paper series for ThingWorx, Machina Research looks at Enterprise IoT from the viewpoint of enterprises and develops a blueprint to guide enterprise executives to effectively address and make the most of this disruptive business and technology force.

In this first part, Enterprise IoT is examined in closer detail through use cases that explain and illustrate some of the top IoT opportunities available for enterprises. These cases highlight how IoT differs from past innovations and detail the high-level questions and considerations that enterprises must address to develop successful Enterprise IoT strategies.

Read the second paper in the series, "Blueprints and feasibility studies for Enterprise IoT."