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Whether you call it Industry 4.0, the Industrial Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet, or simply IIoT, smarter devices and sensors, digital networks and increasingly powerful software applications and collaboration tools are leading the next industrial revolution.

The challenge companies face is not only to securely connect and seamlessly integrate myriad digital systems, but also to transform this increasingly “big data” into context-sensitive, actionable information. That information then needs to be delivered to the right people and the right systems, at the right time and in the right place. 

The enormous volume of information made available by the Industrial Internet is predicted to bring about an impressive benefit to the discrete and process manufacturing vertical market segment, and also to mining and energy. These industries represent a full third of the $70 trillion global economy, and predictions from companies such as Cisco, GE and Intel have estimated that the Industrial Internet will bring a $4 trillion global opportunity across industry over the next 10 years. This boom will result from the increased efficiency and new value creation that implementation of IIoT technologies will realize.

Other research from Rockwell Automation indicates that six out of seven industrial enterprises have yet to connect their production equipment to their enterprise networks.

In The Smart Industry Connect blog, we want to provide companies at all stages of IIoT adoption with the information needed to make decisions that will get them the most out of the benefits that the Industrial Internet has to offer. From successful business plans to mistakes you should avoid, we'll bring you the down to earth experiences of other people working to build the IIoT from the ground up.

What are the options for hybrid technology, network communications and predictive analytics? What security practices can you put in place to keep all of this new data and added lines of communication secure? We’ll strive to bring you the information you need to make those decisions and others that will follow. 

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Contact me at to share information about your company and the experiences you have had establishing these new practices within your company and for others. Our goal at Smart Industry is to provide the information that can empower large and small businesses around the world to participate in and benefit from the innovations enabled by the evolving IIoT.