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Training to achieve sustainability

Dec. 12, 2022
AspenTech is providing guidance on using digital technologies to achieve sustainability goals.

Back in November, AspenTech announced its Sustainability Training Program for industrial customers seeking to apply digital technology to reach sustainability goals. 

The learning program is designed for professionals in capital-intensive industries—like oil and gas, manufacturing, chemicals, and mining—to  accelerate their sustainability efforts and solve real-world challenges, like achieving Scope 1 and 2 emission-reduction targets.

The program’s 18 classes include technology pathways focused on:

  • Improving resource efficiency within carbon-intensive organizations
  • Supporting renewable energy transition and decarbonization initiatives
  • New approaches for the use of clean hydrogen and carbon capture
  • Improving the efficiency of recycling & waste reduction efforts

We wanted to learn more. Here we connect with David Reumuth, AspenTech senior director of customer support and training, to dive a little deeper. Take a look...

Smart Industry:  What motivated the creation of the Sustainability Training Program? 

David: With the combination of new employees entering the workforce and an intense global focus on solving the dual challenge—meeting the resource demands of a growing population with an increasing standard of living, in a sustainable way—our customers and partners are eager for a comprehensive training program that enables people of all skill levels to help achieve their organizations’ sustainability objectives using AspenTech’s solutions.

Smart Industry: Why does this program make sense for AspenTech to offer customers? 

David: This program is designed to help our customers solve the biggest sustainability challenges they’re facing today, such as managing emissions and developing carbon-capture technologies. The program is flexible and can be used in ways that match each customer’s priorities and goals, regardless of industry, vertical or background.

Smart Industry: What does a dedicated program like this enable beyond normal sustainability efforts within enterprises? 

David: This program enables rapid upskilling of key digital competencies that will be needed for decades. Companies can achieve and sustain organizational competency throughout their enterprise. When knowledge and skills become organizational, companies are poised to consistently meet their goals and drive innovation.

The most exciting part is creating a program for customers and partners that enables employees of all skill levels to help solve the world’s biggest sustainability problems.