Blueprints and feasibility studies for Enterprise IoT (Part 2 of 3)

July 9, 2015

In their three-part White Paper series for ThingWorx, Machina Research looks at Enterprise IoT from the viewpoint of enterprises, and act as a blueprint for enterprise executives to effectively address and make the most of this disruptive business and technology force.

This second paper begins to examine the more operational elements of Enterprise IoT, looking to develop a high level understanding of the different technology domains and components in an IoT architecture, and highlight the important factors that executives should take into consideration when starting on a blueprint for Enterprise IoT. It also provides an initial perspective on enterprises preparing a high level feasibility study before finalizing which applications to pursue.

The aim of this paper is to enable enterprise executives to recognize and appreciate the complexity and wide range of technical components in an Enterprise IoT solution, and act as a final short-listing tool before starting the business case phase.

Read the first paper in the series, “A new agenda item for enterprise executives: Enterprise IoT.”


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