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Dell helps future-proof customers globally with IoT technology

July 19, 2017
By 2030 every organization will be a technology organization.
According to a new report published by Dell Technologies and the Institute for the Future (IFTF), emerging technologies such as IoT, along with massive advancements in software, big data and processing power, will reshape society. By 2030 every organization will be a
technology organization and, as a result, businesses need to start thinking now about how to prepare their infrastructure for digital transformation.

“We’re committed to helping customers build the right IoT solutions to address their unique business needs,” said Joyce Mullen, senior vice president, Global IoT and OEM Solutions, Dell EMC. “Not only do we offer the industry’s broadest IoT portfolio, but we help customers build upon their existing equipment to help simplify the deployment process and reach their return-on-investment faster.”

Since building a dedicated IoT division in 2015, Dell has aimed to help organizations develop solutions that unlock the data needed to enable faster, useful analysis, greater collaboration and improved productivity. 

Recently, Dell’s factory in Brazil streamlined quality-control in the production line with IoT. The mass customization offered by Dell’s build-to-order model posed a fundamental challenge for quality control–variability. To overcome this issue, the factory developed “Smart EQM,” or End-of-the-line Quality Metric, an IoT-enabled solution based on the Dell Edge Gateway 5100 that uses the power of real-time analytic capabilities.

Today, according to Dell, Smart EQM has greatly refined the factory’s quality-control sampling precision, allowing them to increase quality-team productivity and reduce cycle time. Other benefits include: