Stratus offers ztC Edge System for the industrial edge

May 31, 2018
Addresses demand for smart, self-monitoring, virtualized edge computing.

Stratus Technologies announced the availability and shipment of Stratus ztC Edge, its zero-touch, fully virtualized and self-protecting computing platform specifically designed for industrial edge environments. ztC Edge is the first product that, straight out of the box, brings the power of IT to OT environments, with its built-in reliability, virtualization and 24x7 remote monitoring. This, combined with its ability to be set up in less than 30 minutes, significantly reduces the IT burden for virtualized computing at the edge, according to Stratus.

Since announcing ztC Edge earlier this year, Stratus has been working with a group of beta users on proofs-of-concept, and has begun shipping production units to customers. ztC Edge is available through Stratus’ extensive network of partners and distributors.

“Today’s industrial organizations need to achieve unparalleled operational productivity with minimal risk in order to remain competitive,” said Dave Laurello, CEO, Stratus. “With ztC Edge, we are delivering on our vision for a new approach to running business-critical applications quickly and reliably at the plant level, setting up industrial companies to succeed in one of the biggest areas for growth: edge computing. By removing the management and maintenance burden, we are ensuring companies can stay laser focused on the efficiency of their operations and delivering the quality products their customers expect.”

Key features

ztC Edge is a self-protecting and self-monitoring system that reduces unplanned downtime for industrial users, according to Stratus. Targeted at running industrial applications in remote locations with limited or no IT resources, ztC Edge users can expect:

  • Increased operational efficiency—Through pre-installed virtualization software and intuitive, user-friendly configuration and management tools, ztC Edge simplifies the process and shortens the time it takes to get critical applications up and running, saving users time and effort. It can manage up to three virtual machines, each running different industrial or IIoT applications, such as analytics, SCADA/HMI and Historian.
  • Purpose-built for industrial edge deployments—ztC Edge’s rugged form factor and DIN rail-mounts give it the flexibility to be deployed outside of traditional data rooms or data centers, such as on manufacturing plant floors, according to Stratus. Additionally, ztC Edge can be deployed in less than 30 minutes, offering users superior time to value.
  • Automated application and data protection—ztC Edge’s self-monitoring and self-protecting capabilities make it ideal for unmanned stations or remote locations with limited IT resources.

“When searching for the right edge system to support our broad base of industrial customers, simplicity and performance are key,” says Tom Schiller, CEO or AutomaTech. “We look for solutions that are easy to install and maintain, yet are ruggedized to handle the most severe environments. After testing the Stratus ztC Edge server in our production facilities, we were extremely impressed with its ability to strike that balance. The ease of use, combined with its built-in redundancy and virtualization, make it the ideal edge solution for industrial deployments. We look forward to bringing the benefits of unmatched reliability at the edge to our customers.”

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