Product News: Safehub’s sensor tech for monitoring seismic events

Jan. 28, 2021
Promises real-time building-specific damage information.

Safehub announced the commercial availability of its newest sensor technology, called Yure. The enhanced capabilities have been field tested for three years and are ready to scale globally for use in any structure, including office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, highly-trafficked retail environments and more, according to Safehub.

Current firmware upgrades offer a longer life span for the device, more sensitive measurements, and refined data, per its maker. Specific feature improvements include a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that enables the sensor to operate for five days off-grid, combined with an ultra-low noise accelerometer. A long-range sub-gHz radio for mesh-networking, and use of cellular LTE Cat-M1 as its primary cloud-connectivity, mitigate data collection interruptions. The new low-power MCU allows 99%+ calcs on device, reducing communications with the cloud server and increasing efficiency.

“Safehub’s ability to act as a hub for operational risk management and damage detection for catastrophes gives businesses the technology to proactively address problems that are crucial to resilience and planning,” said Andy Thompson, CEO of Safehub. “Global seismic catastrophes are a pressing and imminent issue given the yearly losses that businesses suffer. We have successfully demonstrated that we can use our technology to change that, all while increasing public safety.”