Product News: ThinkIQ's suite of manufacturing SaaS

March 10, 2021
The expanded offering promises to accelerate Industry 4.0 manufacturing adoption.

ThinkIQ announced a suite of solutions under their SaaS manufacturing platform, which features four new areas of data functionality, including ThinkIQ’s Visualize, Insight, Transform and Enterprise solutions. This expanded functionality enables manufacturers to make sense of the data-surfacing actions that enhance safety, reliability and efficiency by leveraging a fact-based, granular and data-centric view of material flows and related provenance-attribute data, per ThinkIQ. 

New platform components integrate with existing IoT infrastructure to help manage everything from supply chains to manufacturing processes and beyond, notes its maker. These added capabilities will continue to build upon ThinkIQ’s material traceability and insight, which helps manufacturers improve yield, quality, safety, compliance and brand confidence while reducing waste and environmental impact.

“The addition of the newest solutions within our platform will help manage the manufacturing process from supply chain to customer,” said Niels Andersen, CTO and CPO of ThinkIQ. “Having this truly transformative intelligence and insight into your supply chain helps organizations make smarter decisions about their processes which in turn makes them become more profitable and more competitive.” 

The latest solutions offered on the ThinkIQ platform include:

  • ThinkIQ Visualize—This functionality moves companies past raw data to being able to explore, compare, and be aware of the data with standardized metrics and views to bring wide visibility and context to data. 
  • ThinkIQ Insight—This new feature uses advanced analytics to enable a material-centric view of operations. Deliverables include advanced visualizations, initial cause & effect identification, industry benchmarking, and cross-plant KPIs. 
  • ThinkIQ Transform—This feature utilizes the results of the earlier steps to supply transformational intelligence and uncover root causes and effects. Data is correlated to the most important metrics. 
  • ThinkIQ Enterprise—This functionality of the platform offers the ongoing benefits of Industry 4.0 manufacturing. 

ThinkIQ’s SaaS Manufacturing cloud-based platform is able to collect data inputs across supply chain (existing and IIoT sensors) and analyze with AI, ML to identify correlations and root causes, according to its maker, which add that it creates a new set of value-added traceability data which is delivered with actionable insights and decisions to guide systems across the supply chain.