Product News: ADLINK’s Edge Vision Analytics software-development kit

Sept. 8, 2021
EVA SDK promises to enable users to develop a POC for edge AI vision applications in two weeks.


ADLINK Technology Inc. released EVA SDK, an edge vision-analytics software that promises to enable users to build a POC for AI-enabled machine vision solutions within two weeks. EVA SDK includes a no-code graphical user interface (GUI) and support for 10+ types of cameras, field-ready plugins, ONNX runtime, TensorRT and OpenVINO for fast AI inference validation, per its maker. EVA SDK’s integrated development environment (IDE) is currently built into ADLINK's NEON series AI smart cameras and EOS series AI vision systems for AI-enabled machine vision project development.

“EVA SDK is a one-API framework that lets users build edge AI vision applications with low coding efforts,” said Chia-Wei Yang, head of ADLINK's Edge Vision Business Center. “Even without prior, or deep AI knowledge or expertise, users can develop an edge AI POC with the ready-to-use plugins and reference codes using the drag-and-drop GUI, which ultimately speeds up deployment and time to market.”

ADLINK touts these benefits of EVA SDK:

● Allows developers to select from more than 10 cameras, with no effort required to learn camera APIs

● Simplifies integration with drag-and-drop GUI, allowing easy switching of image sources, image processing adjustment, and AI models, shortening the development time

● Supports review function of each step from image capturing, image pre-processing to AI inference, so that users can easily verify and debug if necessary, shorting the time to deployment

● Guarantees the quality of edge AI vision solutions with ADLINK-verified open-source plugins

● Enables flexible, optimized configuration for higher cost efficiency

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