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Our digital future: Who's needed, and what's needed, to get from here to there

The must-haves for digital manufacturing success, from military, industry and academia leaders.

You can't do it alone: If there was one (digital) thread running through the stories shared during the recent launch of Chicago's MxD–formerly the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute–it was that. No manufacturing entity is going to optimally evolve its business, production and workforce development models to meet the demands of an increasingly connected and digital market on its industry iot iiot industrial internet of things digital transformation

Speakers and panelists at the event, held at MxD's manufacturing lab on Chicago's Goose Island, came from the U.S. Navy, the Department of Defense, City Colleges of Chicago, and such big industry names as Dow Chemical and Rolls-Royce. After the announcement of fresh federal funding for the organization-formerly-known-as-DMDII, the MxD launch event looked to highlight the projects and achievements of the manufacturing institute's members and prompt discussion about what is (and should be) on the horizon for manufacturers and their partners as they look toward the future.

Read the full piece at Plant Services here. 


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