Making the connection with digital thread

Organizations are unclear where to start with the digital thread.

By Jason Kasper, product marketing manager at Aras

The digital age is pressuring organizations to innovate and operate more efficiently to avoid disruption. In response, industrial manufacturers must transform their technology and processes to fully harness product data across disciplines and across the product lifecycle.

Enter the digital thread, an essential capability for manufacturers to ready themselves for the next decade. PwC recently reported 72% of manufacturing companies are dramatically increasing their level of digitization and expect to be considered "digitally advanced" by 2020, but only 33% meet that classification today.

This much is clear: organizations are unsure where to start. Digital thread—connecting people, product information and processes—is a simple but high-value project to increase digitization for innovation and growth. 

Click here for a look at how manufacturers can build digital thread and connect their businesses to the future.

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