Automated for the people

Technology revolution means major changes in business models.

By José M. Rivera, CEO, CSIA

As technology continues to change our daily lives, it has found many adepts who think about Rivera250x250creative ways of applying it. Previous barriers to massive deployment were related to elevated price points or limited interoperability between systems. For many applications, technology was more a barrier than an enabler. Sometimes value and differentiation was created just by overcoming the technical barriers. Today, it’s not unusual for creative new solutions to come together with new business models that have implications for manufacturers, machine builders, and the system integrators that put these solutions together.

Revolutions don’t always feel like revolutions. Akin to being on a drifting boat, pulled by a gentle stream, we often aren’t aware of the change in our location until we have a reference point in sight. Most of us have lived through dramatic changes and yet may not have fully recognized the magnitude of the change until after the transformation was complete.

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