Product News: Omron’s K6PM thermal condition monitor

March 3, 2020
Promises continuous thermal monitoring for industrial equipment.

Industrial-automation solutions provider Omron Automation Americas has a new technology aimed to help facilities get closer to the ultimate goal of zero downtime. By providing continuous, remote thermal monitoring of electrical panels and other components, Omron’s K6PM Thermal Condition Monitoring Device lowers the time and cost required for critical equipment inspections and minimizes the risk of unplanned shutdowns, according to its maker. 

Omron's K6PM

Per Omron, the K6PM enables manufacturers to trust that their equipment is being monitored on a continuous basis for any abnormalities resulting from overload, vibration, condensation or other causes. Automated data collection and analysis enables inexperienced personnel to recognize a potential device failure early on and take action to prevent serious problems. Operators can visualize a panel’s temperature without opening the door.