Product News: Omron's next-gen software for mobile robots

March 30, 2020
Designed to simplify integration and support flexibility with robots.

Omron Automation Americas launched a next-generation software package for its mobile robots. Shortened as “FLOW Core”, the Fleet Operations Workspace Core is designed to increase robots’ performance and ease-of-use while laying the foundation for future service-focused capabilities. 

Among the primary advantages that FLOW Core provides, according to Omron, are a user-focused design that simplifies integration, charge-management functionality that maximizes uptime, and intelligent fleet-management capabilities that increase flexibility and efficiency. As an all-in-one platform, the software boosts the navigational capabilities of individual robots while simplifying the management of robot fleets. 

Omron's FLOW Core

Omron’s Enterprise Manager EM2100 will be the new hardware platform for FLOW Core’s mobile robot fleet-management functions, replacing the EM1100. EM2100 offers better performance as well as new capabilities to help customers commission systems more quickly for maximum efficiency, according to its maker.

Omron’s programming software for mobile robots, MobilePlanner, has also been updated with improved capabilities that provide operators with seamless robot control. As the “control center" of the Mobile Robot Software Suite, MobilePlanner’s user interface has the tools for all major robot activities, including fleet observation, job assignment and mapping, according to Omron.

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