Product News: Yokogawa's IIoT predictive asset-management solution

June 18, 2020
Promises improved data-driven maintenance strategies to reduce downtime and enhance safety.

Yokogawa announced the release in North America of its Sushi Sensor, an OpreX asset-management and integrity wireless solution, with advanced AI analytics via GA10 software  for IIoT plant asset-management (PAM) applications. The solution addresses a growing need for efficient and effective online collection of equipment data across industrial facilities via wireless sensors for early equipment failure detection, according to its maker.

The Sushi Sensor combined with AI GA10 software transforms a reactive maintenance process to one which is proactive, intelligent, and condition-based, per Yokogawa. By leveraging wireless technology, the solution reduces cost and logistical challenges for early equipment failure detection to deliver enhanced plant safety, reliability, and profitability.

The Sushi Sensor, with LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) communication technology and advanced analytics from GA10 software, enables the digital transformation of rotating equipment asset management, touts Yokogawa. Approved by testing and standards agency, FM Approvals, for operation in hazardous areas, the Sushi Sensor is a compact wireless device providing online vibration and surface temperature measurement in machines and process equipment. Via LoRaWAN, a low-power, wide area network with up to ten times the range of other IoT wireless networks, the Sushi Sensor communicates digitized measurements to Yokogawa’s advanced AI analytics environment. 

“Our co-innovation with asset owners and operators at over 40 sites across various industries resulted in the development of the Sushi Sensor and AI solution,” comments Tom Quinlan, vice president of Yokogawa Corporation of America. “We are delighted to deliver an easy to implement, low-cost, rugged IIoT solution featuring long-distance wireless communication but with low power consumption to extend battery life.”