Product News: NITRA pneumatic air-prep filters, regulators & lubricators

June 30, 2020
Products meet a broad range of pneumatic air-supply filtration, air-regulation and compressed-air lubrication applications.

AutomationDirect NITRA pneumatic air filters, air regulators, air lubricators, air relief valves and combination air filters/regulators are now available with larger gauges and a new quarter-turn twist-off feature. These air-preparation units are available in a wide variety of port sizes to meet a broad range of pneumatic air supply filtration, air regulation and compressed-air lubrication applications.

The modular design allows stand-alone applications and enables field assembly for combining NITRA pneumatic filters, pneumatic regulators, air lubricators, and air-relief valves using modular assembly brackets (purchased separately). NITRA units filter, lubricate and regulate pressure for an entire plant, at the machine, or component level to ensure consistent pressure for reliable pneumatic actuation.