Product News: Omron Automation’s HD-1500 mobile robot

July 22, 2020

Omron Automation Americas launched the HD-1500 mobile robot that can handle bulky objects weighing up to 1500kg. This addition to Omron’s robotics portfolio comes after the LD-250 mobile robot launch and further expands manufacturers’ options for autonomous material transport.

The robots automatically calculate the best route for material transportation while navigating safely

Omron's HD-1500 mobile robot

around people and obstacles without requiring magnetic floor tapes or other guides, according to Omron. This makes them an effective solution for companies seeking to improve flexibility and maximize floor layout options. Omron’s Fleet Manager software controls up to 100 mobile robots of different sizes, configurations and payload capacities, so customers can use the HD-1500 together with the LD-60, LD-90 and LD-250 robots under one system.

The HD-1500’s powerful structure makes it well-suited for industries in which transporting heavy items like car chassis and voluminous pallets is required. By handling some of the transport tasks that would otherwise require a forklift, the new robots also help minimize sources of risk for employees, since forklifts can lead to serious accidents.

The HD-1500 offers 360° safety coverage to promote a collaborative and safe working space, according to its maker, and the stop-position accuracy of the Cell Alignment Positioning System has been improved. It has an onboard, user-accessible Omron PLC.