Product News: Grid Connect’s Smart Cord

Jan. 6, 2021
Tools promises to instantly link legacy industrial machines to the cloud.

Grid Connect’s ConnectSense Smart Power Cord

Grid Connects ConnectSense Smart Power Cord turns non-networked machines—such as commercial furnaces, chillers and industrial pumps—into IoT devices that stream real-time operational data to machine makers, owners and operators, so they can predict maintenance, track usage and manage energy consumption, according to its maker.  

Gary Marrs, solutions architect at Grid Connect, said, “If you’re an engineering manager, CIO or anyone in an organization trying to securely collect data on a legacy device, this is a quick, cost-effective method that’ll reap outsized returns.”

Grid Connect supplies its industrial-grade, UL- and RoHS-certified Smart Power Cord with a cloud-based application that machine builders and operators can use to monitor an unlimited number and array of remote devices such as motors and chillers. Plugging in and setting up the Smart Power Cord takes approximately five minutes, according to Grid Connect, and once a machine is plugged into The ConnectSense smart AC power cord and connected to Wi-Fi, machine makers and operators receive emails or texts about data such as voltage consumption, operating temperature and excessive loads.  

Users can also enable settings via the cord to remotely shut down a machine. Using an API, Grid Connect can securely link data from the Smart Power Cord to other critical software systems of interest to machine operators.

According to Marrs, equipment manufacturers and product marketing managers who want insights from the field can plug in the Smart Power Cord and begin streaming data to perform predictive maintenance, track usage or even build a better product. “Owners can also monitor their equipment use and ensure that it is being properly maintained.”

The Smart Power Cord network interfaces include Wi-Fi (802.11bg) and comes in several standard models, including 15, 20 and 30 amps and accommodating input voltage ranging from 100 AC to 240 AC.