Complex processes, continuing education, less wrench time

Dec. 17, 2019
SEPCO hosts its annual Fluid Sealing School.

Some of the Fluid Sealing School attendees and experts during the November training.

Here at Smart Industry, we love stories about education, particularly in the industrial space. When we learned that Sealing Equipment Products Company Inc. (SEPCO) recently hosted 20 distributors for its annual Fluid Sealing School to learn about pump systems, rotating equipment and methods to seal these difficult-to-seal machines, we wanted to learn more.

So we connected with Chris Wilder, SEPCO CEO. Take a look…

Smart Industry: How important is meeting with/training distributors in this era of increasingly complex processes? 

Chris: In today’s increasingly demanding environment, the need for trained, problem-solving professionals is more critical than ever. Plant and mill operators rely more and more on true partners to assist them with critical operational-process decision making, so it’s imperative that our distributor-service partners are trained professionals capable of delivering high-value results.

Smart Industry: How is seal maintenance changing in this era of digital transformation? 

SEPCO's Chris Wilder

Chris: These technology-based fluid-sealing products are capable of helping plants operate more efficiently by reducing energy and natural-resource consumption, not to mention a reduction in wrench time. The ability to deliver these products as a true, value-added service partner can result in the plant or mill operator saving many times more than the cost of the actual product. But true experts in the field are needed.

And in addition to training, we offer reliability-based plant surveys with our “SAM” System. SAM is a digital survey native app that makes data collection, operational recommendations, and performance tracking efficient to help operators reduce the total cost of ownership of their fluid-sealing program.

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