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Product News: Omron's CP2E Series all-in-one controller

May 21, 2020
integrates I/O ports, communication and motion control, and increases reliability in applications.
Omron Automation Americas announced the release of its new CP2E Series all-in-one controller that
provides advanced control that enables IIoT connectivity for compact machines, according to its maker. The controller improves manufacturing productivity and quality by making it easy to visualize the performance and data of connected machines through simple programming.

The CP2E enables IIoT connectivity for compact machines. The controller collects machine-performance data and shares the necessary information with enterprise networks, while the predefined program data and function blocks allow operators to set up machines to perform complex control, which reduces the time required for programming, testing, debugging and maintenance, according to Omron.

In addition, the CP2E’s extended operating temperature range makes it a reliable option for machines in non-manufacturing industries, such as infrastructure and agriculture, where the demand for controllers is increasing, noted Omron.