Product News: Parsable’s promises quicker results for connected work

June 21, 2021
New services promise to help global enterprises quickly modernize industrial frontline work with implementation, business intelligence and system integration best practices.

Parsable announced new services offerings built to help enterprise companies achieve faster value from their digital transformation programs by providing a team of experts focused on results at every stage of the implementation and expansion journey. The goal is to help companies quickly deploy Parsable’s software for connected work, thereby achieving fast results and scale.

“Digital transformation is often seen as a broad, complex and long-term effort, when in reality, there are quick use cases we can implement within days on the frontlines to modernize operations and drive real business value,” said Ben Cheng, chief customer officer at Parsable. “We have tens of thousands of deployment hours across more than 70 countries under our belt. We're excited to share and leverage our knowledge on how to successfully launch and scale a connected worker program that increases productivity, quality and safety on the factory floor, whether a company is starting at one site with 25 workers or multiple sites with 25,000 workers.”

Todd Wing, manufacturing engineering manager at Southern Motion, said, “Parsable’s approach to implementation and the support that my team has been receiving will be critical to the success of our connected worker program. The Parsable customer success team has provided informed, insightful guidance on how to use Parsable in our quality and safety programs. Their focus on quick results and quick adoption is so important at a time when the market is moving so fast, and we need to be more nimble than ever.”

Parsable’s new services include a variety of options and packages: 

  • Implementation: A dedicated implementation team will provide expert guidance, from initial kick-off to full deployment, on how to use Parsable’s Connected Worker, build internal knowledge and advocacy, accelerate user adoption and help establish key performance indicators (KPIs) that drive business value. Ongoing consulting sessions ensure continued alignment, visibility, orchestration and optimization across the customer's teams and stakeholders.
  • Procedure Creation: Parsable-certified industry experts will be on hand to help digitize and optimize work procedures following best practices, establish templates and coach teams on creating custom templates.
  • Business Intelligence: Parsable's business-intelligence engineers will tackle specific needs, whether simple or complex. Services range from enabling customers to visualize Parsable data in their business intelligence tool of choice, to helping solve big data and data architecture challenges.
  • Integration and Custom Development: Parsable's certified industry experts will consult on or build a system integration with an existing tech stack, including solution architecting, API support, custom development and more.