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Advantech launches 30 IIoT solutions

June 29, 2018
The key to success is platform-technology suppliers.

Advantech announced the co-creation of IoT Solution Ready Packages (SRPs) in partnership with various domestic and international companies. 

Advantech Chairman K.C. Liu noted how IIoT applications are about to become widely implemented in various industries, but the key to success is platform-technology suppliers, as well as in working closely with industry professionals to integrate and form standardized and easily duplicated SRPs based on a combination of software and hardware products. These SRPs can be installed by system integrators at the client site. 

Eventually, IIoT industry chains will be formed as SRPs become established as comprehensive field solutions, according to Liu. Therefore, the IoT industry chain must include sensors, edge computing, communication, Platform as a Service (PaaS), industry SRP and cloud services. 

According to Dr. Allan Yang, Advantech’s CTO, IIoT solutions must be able to integrate the collection of industrial-equipment data based on a variety of standards with edge-device management, wireless communication and data analysis. Such solutions must also integrate the creation of visually intuitive reports on cloud platforms as well as creation of AI models and their integration with expert knowledge.

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