Product News: Everactive’s development kit to enable battery-less IoT

Oct. 18, 2022
Ultra-low-power semiconductor and wireless networking promises a new class of highly scalable IoT products that operate continuously without batteries.

Everactive is releasing its first development kit to allow third-party developers to build their own IoT products without the constraints of batteries. The company’s self-powered hardware and managed network is purpose-built to acquire and deliver the dense physical-world data that will usher in an age of hyperscale IoT, they note, which promises to enable IoT developers to create the scalable, sustainable, and data-rich products long demanded by their customers.

The development kit includes two of Everactive's patented batteryless IoT devices, each with a comprehensive sensor suite that simultaneously measures temperature, humidity, pressure, and triaxial acceleration, pet its maker.  Utilizing a low-light indoor photovoltaic harvester as the sole power source, these devices can measure and wirelessly transmit data down to every 15 seconds. The ability to wirelessly deliver such robust data exclusively from harvested energy represents a significant breakthrough for designers and engineers whose IoT projects have struggled to scale. The development kit will allow developers to better understand and experiment with the power of energy harvesting technology for IoT applications, per Everactive.