Product News: FogHorn’s Lightning edge AI platform

Oct. 22, 2019
Enables OT pros to gather actionable insights from streaming data.

FogHorn announced the availability of new Lightning Edge AI platform features, including tools and enhancements to empower OT professionals. The new drag-and-drop analytic-programming capabilities and rich visualization dashboards enable OT staff to derive insights more quickly from real-time data without the need for assistance from data science teams, according to FogHorn.

The Lightning edge computing platform brings intelligence to the edge, at or near the point where data originates, and facilitates analysis with the lowest latencies to improve operational outcomes. Artificial intelligence (AI) is enabled through built-in, closed-loop, edge-to-cloud machine learning, where FogHorn Lightning can detect drifts in model accuracies and automatically trigger cloud-based retraining with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure IoT, and republish new models to the edge in an iterative fashion until the expected accuracy is reached, according to its maker.

"Lightning Edge AI was designed with OT professionals in mind as a bridge between subject matter experts and deriving actionable insights from real-time data," said Sastry Malladi, CTO at FogHorn. "The simplicity of the new VEL Studio and code blocks empower OT teams to gain meaningful business insights with easy-to-use data science capabilities without the need to code or be an analytics expert."

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