Replay: Taming data and no-nonsense ways to drive your digital transformation

March 22, 2024
Marcel van Helten of Red Lion Controls and Craig Resnick of ARC Advisory Group joined Smart Industry for this discussion on the all-important topics of accessibility and management of data.

Two distinguished guests, Marcel van Helten, president of Red Lion Controls, and Craig Resnick, VP of consulting for ARC Advisory Group, joined Smart Industry’s Scott Achelpohl for a great discussion March 21, titled Taming Data: No-Nonsense Ways to Overcome Information Overload and Drive Your Digital Transformation.

Survey: Almost all manufacturers struggle with making use of data

As the title suggests, these thought leaders almost immediately delved into lots of topics related to data: quality and accessibility and how those make all sorts of things manufacturing companies frequently seek to do possible—like automation, sustainability initiatives, AI, predictive maintenance, and OT visibility and security—that all require intact data and lots of it.

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I've come to Smart Industry after stints in business-to-business journalism covering U.S. trucking and transportation for FleetOwner, a sister website and magazine of SI’s at Endeavor Business Media, and branches of the U.S. military for Navy League of the United States. I'm a graduate of the University of Kansas and the William Allen White School of Journalism with many years of media experience inside and outside B2B journalism. I'm a wordsmith by nature, and I edit Smart Industry and report and write all kinds of news and interactive media on the digital transformation of manufacturing.

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