Product News: UrsaLeo's Gemini promises a 3D holistic view of assets

Oct. 13, 2021
Harnesses digital twin technology for the ability to monitor and manage assets in energy, construction and manufacturing.

UrsaLeo announced the launch of its Gemini Platform, an immersive 3D platform that combines digital-twin technology with real-time and historical data from IoT streams, document management, maintenance, and other enterprise systems. The platform delivers a holistic view of assets and facilities so users can monitor and manage everything from anywhere, anytime, they claim. The company has multiple customers deployed on the Beta of Gemini with a focus on the energy, manufacturing, and construction industries. 

“Our product and highly skilled technology teams have spent years developing the Gemini product with a feature set that reduces the time and expense associated with asset and facilities management,” said John Burton, CEO of UrsaLeo. “With multiple implementations in the US and abroad, the platform is being used to monitor critical systems in the energy field, track the progress of commercial construction sites, and triage problems in manufacturing facilities before shutdowns occur.”

In addition to the monitoring and management of assets, facilities, and job sites, UrsaLeo’s data-translation service collects information from a variety of sources and sends alerts whenever there's a problem. The platform, built using the Unity gaming engine, can also showcase custom visualizations for equipment and workflows to assist with problem solving, training, and maintenance needs. Beyond basic on-screen visualization, it's also possible to use augmented reality for training, assembly, and diagnostic purposes.

“Gemini has improved the speed and reduced the cost of maintenance for our vapor recovery units and has saved us a substantial amount in maintenance costs. And the visual-based data greatly helps in the process to remotely monitor fluid flow and the capture of gasses,” said Mims Talton, CEO Flogistix. 

“Worker’s Comp insurance is one of the biggest costs in the construction industry. Beyond the remote project management and collaboration, the flexibility of the Gemini platform allows us to integrate data from job site wearable safety solutions. The integration of this technology is saving us 20% on our insurance premium,” continued Ray Volpatt Jr., president of Volpatt Construction.

Gemini’s robust data-translation service and back-end framework can be integrated with any existing IoT or maintenance system, as well as other types of enterprise software, notes UrsaLeo. The platform isn't limited to just static sensor data both indoors and out; it can also track moving objects such as people and machinery. Positioning sensors make it possible to create geofences around hazardous areas or to warn about dangerous interactions, such as when a person walks into the path of a forklift or dangerous piece of machinery.