Fluke Accelix adds vibration sensors

Dec 07, 2017

The new Fluke 3560 FC Vibration Sensor wirelessly and remotely captures simple vibration-screening data on imbalance and misalignment. Remote vibration monitoring allows maintenance managers to monitor asset health with ease and reduce reliance on vibration specialists.

f 3560 fc 09a cThe wireless Fluke 3560 FC Vibration Sensor is small enough to fit in hard-to-reach places and affordable enough to place on multiple locations on equipment (for example, four test points), according to the manufacturer. Precise placement increases accuracy and reduces the time it takes to screen an asset. The data generated from the sensors is wirelessly transmitted and stored on Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring software (available on nearly any mobile device), allowing maintenance teams to remotely monitor asset health anytime and almost anywhere. The software can generate automatic alerts when measurements go outside set parameters, notifying maintenance teams before issues become critical.

The sensor is designed for long-term use on assets, but can also be removed and installed on other equipment as needed.

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