CEL launches Cortet IoT industrial wireless connectivity platform

Oct. 4, 2016
The promise of comprehensive voice control for large-scale lighting and industrial applications.
CEL has added new features for its Cortet Connectivity Suite, a turnkey wireless solution that bridges the gap between 'things' and the cloud. Cortet enables building automation, lighting
control, smart home, industrial and machine to machine (M2M) product manufacturers to link their physical 'things' to the digital world.

CEL’s new Cortet Voice Control enables integrators and manufacturers to add natural voice control capabilities for a wide range of smart applications, including lighting, climate control and building automation.

The new Cortet Instant Broadcast architecture addresses the problem of “popcorning” or latency from network delays that can occur when a single command is used to control a wide range of networked lights, appliances and devices. By using Cortet Instant Broadcast, instead of coming on at various times, all the devices actuate simultaneously and without delay. CEL claims to have developed a scalable technology that reduces latency and enables almost instant control of very large industrial networks.

“Unlike other IoT connectivity systems and platforms, Cortet provides scalable and truly latency-free local control and monitoring,” says Paul Minton, CEO of CEL. “Competing cloud-based IoT systems that rely on cloud decision-making and control suffer from two major compromises. The first is slow response times and the second is a dependency on an often precarious, 'always-on' Internet connection.”