OSIsoft introduces Cloud Services portfolio

Oct. 17, 2017
Store, share and analyze data in the cloud.

OSIsoft LLC announced OSIsoft Cloud Services, a new portfolio of services for securely storing, sharing and analyzing data with PI System technology in the cloud.

OSIsoft Cloud Services, according to the company, enables existing PI System customers to more readily connect distributed facilities and assets to their existing PI System infrastructure or spin up new uses and applications for the PI System, such as predictive maintenance or
leveraging PI System data for regulatory compliance. New customers, meanwhile, will be able to experiment with collecting, storing and analyzing data with the PI System. The services also serves as a foundation for integrated industrial digital communities where companies and people share data in real-time with supply chain partners, downstream customers and service providers. OSIsoft plans to offer OSIsoft Cloud Services as a managed service on a subscription basis. Additionally, partners will offer services and applications for OSIsoft Cloud Services on the OSIsoft Marketplace.

“Our customers are integrating cloud technologies, but they need to do so in a safe, secure manner. Reliability, security and data integrity are paramount,” said Martin Otterson, executive vice president of customer success at OSIsoft. “These new services are part of our strategy to give our customers the ability to take advantage of the PI System anywhere—at the edge, across their enterprise, and in the cloud—so they can accelerate their digital transformation.”

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