GE Digital's new asset-service-management software

Oct. 29, 2018
Aims to reduce unplanned downtime for industrial equipment operators.

ServiceMax from GE Digital announced the launch of Predix ServiceMax Asset Service Management (ASM), designed for asset-intensive companies that maintain the assets they operate to increase equipment uptime and improve maintenance outcomes. When combining ServiceMax ASM with the power of asset-performance management, this new offering helps customers transform their entire asset maintenance process from a break-fix model to a predictive service model, according to GE.

“Companies that operate mission critical assets have unique needs from our traditional field service management customers, such as OEMs and service-only organizations,” said Scott Berg, CEO of ServiceMax. “In recognizing these pain points for operators, our new ServiceMax Asset Service Management solution was built to meet the needs of companies that service a wide array of products they operate, increasing uptime, optimizing resource utilization, and improving safety and compliance. We are committed to providing solutions that provide the best end-user experience and enable unparalleled predictive maintenance capabilities.”

Designed to empower planners and dispatchers to most effectively deliver the right resources for each job, ServiceMax ASM features include: shift planning to address the 24/7 nature of planned maintenance; crew management to easily create and assign resources for every job; assisted dispatch for recommendations on the best technicians with the right skillset, certifications and availability; map views and drive time estimates to deliver effective scheduling and other useful features.  

A consumer-style mobile app helps technicians, crews and contractors work more efficiently, offering views of all jobs, resources and map locations to better manage their day, according to its maker. The solution also supports work orders with complete data on assets, location, service history and parts to deliver the most efficient service. The app works with any device, providing access to required information even when Internet connectivity is unavailable, helping technicians follow safety and compliance procedures in any setting. The new solution also allows operators to better leverage sensor data and analytics as well as view and manage their asset data to ensure the right parts are available where they are needed. 

“Unplanned downtime negatively impacts revenue and safety, which makes reducing it a high priority for asset-heavy industries,” said Ralph Rio, VP enterprise software, ARC Advisory Group. “ServiceMax, leveraging its success in field service, now offers solutions for owners and operators that are focused on asset performance and uptime in addition to technician operational excellence.” 

ServiceMax ASM has been configured to allow customers to leverage both ASM and GE Digital’s Predix Asset Performance Management (APM) application with fewer pain points, including access to root cause analysis, risk assessments, diagnostics and recommendations. With the combined solution, service departments are empowered to accurately track critical assets, plan for maintenance with minimal disruption and deliver service efficiently, optimizing the right resources for every job, and ultimately helping operators lower service costs and eliminate unplanned downtime.

ServiceMax ASM is currently available in beta and will be generally available in early 2019. For more details, click here.