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HMS Networks releases Ewon connector module for Ignition 8

Sept. 18, 2019
Creating a secure link between the Ignition server and the target machine.

HMS Networks working in conjunction with Inductive Automation has launched its Ignition 8 connector module that enables Ignition users to integrate PLC data from any PLC based machine into Ignition.  The solution leverages Ewon’s Talk2M platform to create a secure link between the Ignition server and the target machine, allowing machines to be located anywhere in the world, according to HMS. The system supports both read and write access and sample rates as fast as one sample per second. 

The solution can be enabled by connecting the Flexy gateway to a PLC, configuring a few parameters via the Flexy GUI and installing and configuring the Ignition module. No software development is required, according to its maker. 

With the goal of faster adoption and evaluation, HMS Networks has created an Ignition demo that exercises the full functionality of the connector. The module and the Ignition demo are available at no cost. Requests for access to the demo and connector module can be made here.

The HMS Ewon product line offers a set of edge gateway solutions for remote access and remote data solutions. Ewon gateways can be deployed on premises, at remote facility or directly connect to the public internet.  Each gateway creates a secure connection to the Ewon Talk2M cloud platform, all communications between the gateway and the Ignition server are full encrypted.    

“This off-the-shelf solution for connecting machines is one more example of HMS making IoT solutions easy for machine builders and systems integrators. Combining Ewon data access solutions with Ignitions web-based HMI solution and mobile platform Perspective creates a powerful IoT solution that can be deployed with very little investment,” said Jim Fitzwater, director of VP of sales at HMS Networks. 

To request more information on the demo, click here.