Product News: BISTel's equipment-health-monitoring solution

Sept. 19, 2019
Boasts constant equipment uptime with real-time fault detection.

BISTel introduced a cloud-based, IoT equipment health monitoring and predictive-maintenance solution that provides for continuous monitoring of the health and performance of factory equipment, pumps, motors, fans and other critical assets and showcases powerful data visualization for all users in the factory. 

The Equipment Health Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance (eHMP) solution starts with five AI applications that operate on a state-of-the art, cloud, IoT enabled data-analysis platform, according to BISTel. These intelligent applications help manufacturers detect anomalies and predict trouble in production. BISTel lists other features as: 

  • Real-time monitoring to maintain health and performance of all assets
  • Real-time fault detection to quickly identifies problems
  • Fault classification to prioritize issues for quickest handling
  • Root cause data analysis to find the source of problems that impact yield
  • Predictive analytics to discover issues before they occur, pinpointing remaining useful life of assets
  • Time-series data base to ensure high-speed transfer and processing of unlimited data

“The new PdM solution revolutionizes factory performance by creating data-driven smart factories that connect all areas of manufacturing, provide customers with 100% visibility into the performance of their assets and access to real-time, actionable data to manage the health and performance of their equipment,” said W.K. Choi, BISTel CEO. “Slow, traditional systems are a thing of the past as customers can now migrate seamlessly to these exciting new AI applications built on a powerful, proven and user friendly IoT platform to mitigate risk, substantially boost production efficiency and maintain constant uptime of their equipment and other assets across the factory.”